“No place for resent. Only walk.”

A photo essay by Kimberlye Kowalczyk from ten days in the tsunami affected areas of Tohoku (Northern Japan), including some time volunteering with Peace Boat in Ishinomaki. April 2011.


“In April I traveled with Winifred Bird to Tohoku (NorthEastern region of Japan) to witness and volunteer in the tsunami-devastated towns along the coast.

I had expected to be devastated, but instead I was humbled and inspired by many individuals I met whom I can only describe as “enlightened”. I witnessed great giving, compassion, and solidarity.

Not only from the volunteers, but from survivors. I went to give and instead was given to; great lessons about impermanence, resilience, and gratitude.

There is still much work to be done. As the media moves on to the next Hot Topic, the road through reflection, healing, and rebuilding is still long for Japan. It is my sincere hope that many movements for peacebuilding will arise from the debris.

I hope you will find some time to have a look at my photo essay.

Please click the following link:

Many thanks to John Einarsen and Kyoto Journal for making this possible.

Kimberlye Kowalczyk (K.Y.A.)


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