Holly Thompson: “Many Hands Make Lighter Work”

Holly Thompson is a professional fiction writer and lecturer at Yokohama City University, where she teaches creative writing, academic writing, short stories and American culture. Holly spent a week volunteering in Ishinomaki with Peace Boat during Golden Week, and has posted day by day accounts of her experiences. Visit her blog here for dozens of photographs and detailed information about volunteer conditions and daily activities including clearing mud, debris and fish to support the recovery of tsunami-devastated Ishinomaki.

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson, in yellow

“I know that many of us who volunteered with Peace Boat during Golden Week will return to help again. The experience of working as teams, meeting volunteers from all over Japan and the world,  working directly with very appreciative locals, and seeing progress day by day was life changing. We are keenly aware that many hands make, if not light work, lighter work, and that continued help and support is desperately needed in Ishinomaki, and in the many cities and small towns up and down the coast of Tohoku.

If you are able-bodied, live in or can visit Japan, please consider volunteering with Peace Boat. Tohoku definitely needs your help. “

Ishinomaki Day 1

Ishinomaki Day 2

Ishinomaki Day 3

Ishinomaki Day 4

Ishinomaki Day 5

Ishinomaki Day 6

Ishinomaki Day 7

Ishinomaki Day 8

If you’re thinking of volunteering in Tohoku…A Packing List


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