Trevor Kew: Images of Tohoku ー 東北の本当のイメージ

Yokohama-based teacher and writer Trevor Kew volunteered with Peace Boat in Ishinomaki, and has posted two blog entries about the experiences and conclusions his time in Tohoku brought him to – visit his web site to read the full entries here, in both English and Japanese:

Images of Tohoku ー 東北の本当のイメージ

” I’ll be honest, while of course I wanted to pitch in and physically help, the main motive behind my desire to go was to gain a better, fuller picture of what happened up there.  Until I visited Ishinomaki, I had seen the same photos and videos of Tohoku as the rest of the world (and the rest of Japan) since March 11th.  The Japan I saw up there was a Japan I could have never imagined.”

Three Conclusions About Natural Disasters/大震災の三つの本当のことが言たいです…

1) No photograph, video or article can adequately convey the scale of this disaster
2) After a natural disaster, no one takes photographs of the places that aren’t destroyed
3) In person, a disaster site is stranger than it is sad


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