This experience has changed something in my life

Hello, my name is Anne and I have just been to Ishinomaki during one week as a volunteer.

Since the tsunami occured, I always wanted to do something for the survivors in the Tohoku area. However, I felt a bit nervous about my departure. I am not a sporty person and had never done any volunteering work before.  Was I strong enough for this? Would I be an obstacle to my team?

If other people hesitate to go for the same reasons, I would like them to relax about it, as  everyone was always free to work at their own pace.

Our main tasks were to clean the areas covered by mud, which prevents people from living in their homes again. The work was sometimes hard (tiredness, no water to wash ourselves), but the survivors were so happy to see the improvements we were doing in their homes. They still live in the local school, and need our help.

This experience has changed something in my life. I would like to go back there as soon as I can and will definitely tell my friends about Peace Boat volunteering activities.

Thank you,



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